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The founders of Hylunia and Hymed believe in the Mind-Body-Beauty connection and have been sharing it’s Holistic, the whole person philosophy for the past 30 years. We believe, all your nutrition needs should be fulfilled from the vegetables, wholegrains, fruits, fish and meat in your meals. However, in reality people do not eat well balanced meals in daily life because of the fast paced society.

Example: Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin C is needed for growth, development and repair of all body tissues.
  • According 100 studies over 10 years and Mark Moyad MD, University of Michigan (WEB MD) recommends a minimum of 500 mg of vitamin C plus 5 servings of Fruits and vegetables.
  • In fact, you have to eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetable if you don’t take 500 mg of vitamin C.
  • According to Dr. Mark Moyad, only 10-20% of adult eat 9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. This is why it is good to include some food supplements in your meals for healthy functioning of the body, minimizing disease and longevity.
  • You feel good about eating good with supplements and taking care about your beauty with skin care products and fragrances but you are under severe stress , then your immune system will go down and you may develop diseases and age faster.
  • This is where mind comes in the Hylunia/Hymed Mind-Body-Beauty Philosophy. Eighty percent of doctor’s chronic illness visit today is due to stress . Stress depress the immune system to manifest into diseases and aging.

Dr. Lingam, Co-founder of Hylunia & Hymed says:

  • “stress is how you look at things”
  • “The best anti-aging medicine is Prevention and Happiness”
  • “You are alive today , because of your immune system”

This is why Hylunia/Hymed integrated the yoga, meditation and Prayer (for good) to manage stress and to detox the mind-body and reach Happiness. The reason, we are alive today is the immune system and we have to keep the mind positive, live a life of moderation, rather than extremes and eat immune system boosting food and take the supplement recommended below.

Our immune system antibodies are not only produced in bone marrow, but also produced in our guts. Therefore, gut health is important and you have to avoid constipation and have regular bowl movement daily. Here are some suggestions:

You can choose the food supplements from below depending on your stress level, Immune system performance and surrounding Viral and bacterial level.

Please check with your Health care provider especially if you pregnant, low kidney function or diseases, medical conditions or going thru medical therapy or cancer treatments. Also, those body builders, sports person or taking performance enhancing supplements, L-Carnitine, high protein meals should be concerned and should check with a medical professional.

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