Pre & Post Laser-Care Kit

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Description: Our Pre & Post-Laser Care Kit is specially assembled to help avoid unfavourable reactions after laser treatment or surgery. It also helps reduce inflammation and swelling to cut your post-treatment recovery in half.

  • Use one week prior to laser treatment
  • Use up to 3 weeks after treatment

Skin Type: All Skin Types.
Skin Concerns: Pre/Post-Laser Care.


Naturally Derived Ingredients

Kit Includes:

Gentle Skin Cleanser

A gentle, non-alkaline, foaming, and hydrating cleanser perfect for all skin types – especially those with sensitive, post-operative, or problem skin.


The time-tested curative powers of colloidal silver and lavender flowers are blended in this revitalizing tonic and healing floral water.


Unlike any other moisturizer, our pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid works to stimulate growth factors prompting cellular renewal for wound healing, psoriasis/eczema, after lasers, as well as after radiation therapy.


The Post-Laser Balm is a revolutionary formula free of traditional petrolatum and preservatives but with hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The shea butter has semi-occlusive properties to permit gas exchange and provide hydration and oxygen for healing with hyaluronic acid.