Post-Laser Care Kit To Reduce Itching, Inflammation & Swelling

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Description: Our Post-Laser Kit is assembled to help you care for your skin after laser treatment or surgery by fighting side effects including itching, inflammation, and swelling. Can be used for up to 5 days after treatment.

Skin Type: All skin types.
Skin Concerns: Post-Laser Care


Naturally Derived Ingredients

Kit Includes:

Gentle Skin Cleanser

A gentle, non-alkaline, foaming, and hydrating cleanser perfect for all skin types – especially those with sensitive, post-operative, or problem skin.


Unlike any other moisturizer, our pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid works to stimulate growth factors prompting cellular renewal for wound healing, psoriasis/eczema, after lasers, as well as after radiation therapy.


The Post-Laser Balm is a revolutionary formula free of traditional petrolatum and preservatives but with hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The shea butter has semi-occlusive properties to permit gas exchange and provide hydration and oxygen for healing with hyaluronic acid.


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